Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Healthy Home: Simple Truths to Protect Your Family from Hidden Household Dangers by Myron Wentz, Dave Wentz

The Healthy Home: Simple Truths to Protect Your Family from Hidden Household Dangers

I recently had the opportunity to attend the official book launch of The Healthy Home in Vancouver, BC Canada where Dr. Myron Wentz and Dave Wentz did their first presentaion of the book tour to be in 16 cities in North America. The presentation on stage by the two authors included video, animation, scientific tests done right on stage and quizes that the audience participates in. The book itself is amazing. It is well written and lots of picture type diagrams and comments that are easy to understand. You can read more scientific descriptions in the book as you go along or just read the information in short chapters that take you through each room in your house. It offers quick and easy solutions. You can do it all or just make a few changes here and there. I was blown away by some of the information about toxins and dangers we all live with daily. It can be read in one gulp or pick and choose what room or subject you are most interested in at the time. It is life changing and especially if you get a chance to go to any of the FREE, yes free presentations in a city near you. Also then after purchasing your book, register it online at [...] to assess your home and receive bonus information on subjects in The Healthy Home book. As an added incentive to purchase this book, all profits are being donated to the Children's Hunger Fund. The authors are not receiving a cent. Their mission is for the world to be healthier and free of disease.


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  1. Not a single news outlet picked up on the fact that "The Healthy Home" book was purchased by thousands of USANA distributors in order to enter into a lottery in which USANA gave away 3 brand new iPads. This is the sole reason the book achieved "Best Seller" status.

    Here is a quote from one of USANA's documents:
    "Here’s how it works—Purchase a copy of The Healthy Home on between March 27 and April 15 and e-mail a copy of your electronic receipt to Not only will you receive a special Healthy Home pin at USANA’s 2011 International Convention, but your name will also be put into one of three special drawings for a chance to win one of three iPads!"

    Here is another quote from another document:
    "In order to be eligible to win, each participant must purchase a copy of “The Healthy Home” on"

    Here is Utah State's gambling laws:
    "76-10-1102. Gambling.
    (1) A person is guilty of gambling if he:
    (a) participates in gambling;
    (b) knowingly permits any gambling to be played, conducted, or dealt upon or in any real or personal property owned, rented, or under the control of the actor, whether in whole or in part; or
    (c) knowingly allows the use of any video gaming device that is:
    (i) in any business establishment or public place; and
    (ii) accessible for use by any person within the establishment or public place.
    (2) Gambling is a class B misdemeanor, provided, however, that any person who is twice convicted under this section shall be guilty of a class A misdemeanor."

    Here is the Federal Lottery Law:
    "* The federal lottery statutes made it illegal to transport lottery materials across state lines, or ship them to other countries
    * The Interstate Wagering Amendment of 1994 made it illegal to procure a ticket for someone in a different state than that in which the lottery was held"

    USANA, which is founded by Myron Wentz and who's CEO is Dave Wentz, both authors of "The Healthy Home" are clearly in violation of both Utah State and Federal Laws. The Healthy Home was used as raffle tickets into a lottery in hopes of winning an iPad.

    Also, The editorial reviews on the front and back cover of The Healthy Home, are distributors, Former Directors, and Scientific Advisory Council Members all working for USANA. However, this was not listed as part of their titles next to their names. I believe this information was kept from the reader so the book appeared credible.

    For more information on this issue, you can find more about it on my blog: