Monday, April 18, 2011

63 Documents the Government Doesn't Want You to Read by Jesse Ventura

63 Documents the Government Doesn't Want You to Read

Does our wonderful government lie to us? Of course. Many times each day. The government lies to us sometimes because we as Americans are too stupid and don't know when to shut our pie holes. Just look at the current state of media. The major news outlets spin news and falsehoods as facts to get our current president elected. Why is this not in James...err. Jesse's book?
Then we have what is branded as reality TV which borders on pornographic tripe that we suck up to make our otherwise dull lives better. Why doesn't James (Yes, his name is James) write about this? Why is the majority of his finger pointing at Republicans?
Since the turn of the century we have had eight Democrats and ten Republicans who have served as president. You might even make the case to say the Nixon and Ford should count as one since they filled only one term. In that time Democrats held majorities for at least forty continuous years. So whose fault is it?
It is the fault of the American people. We elect this human debris and then think we can sit back and do nothing. We are the laziest generation ever and it is getting worse with the mediocre kids we are raising. And what it worse is this poser being allowed to even spews this garbage.
James Janos (his real name) was never, never, and never a Navy SeAL. He was a frogman with the Underwater Demolition Teams. Big difference. He never saw combat from his drunk platform at Subic Bay Naval Base. And even if he were in Vietnam he still would have been lucky to see true combat.
Then he joined one of the worse biker gangs in American...the Mongols. He was not only a member but a full-patched member and the chapter Sergeant at Arms. To become a full patched member you must do something pretty intense or it won't happen. Where the record of this disappeared to we will never know. Maybe it is a conspiracy? Jesse claims that people who get into the presidency have been pre-picked years in advance. Maybe the same thing happened in the case of James Janos (aka Jesse Ventura, "The Body", Mongol moniker).
This book is interesting in that all it does it use old material to show our government has done some not-so-great things in the interest of our national security. Sometimes national security is a scary place to venture Mr. Ventura. Sometimes crazy ideas are floated with no intention of ever coming to fruition. Ideas alone are not a conspiracy to all you nut jobs out there who think it does. Julian Assange is not a hero. He was just the punk kid who got the crap beat out of him during school. All of you nut jobs love to spread the hate of the government but none of you ever has one idea how to protect us from people who don't care how nice we are unless we are dead nice people. Our collective minds do not want to believe that JFK was killed by a lone gunman because we can't imagine how one person could accomplish the task. But we are all too happy to think that our government which can not run the DMV, Post Office, IRS has the ability to conspire to dupe some loser like Oswald. But then we further believe in this spirit of the individual and how they can achieve great things on their own. So what is it going to be? It can't be both.
For special operators Jesse is a joke. He is just another entertainer posing as a substantive person of thought. But after the curtain is pulled back all you have is a steroid abusing, military poser, gang member/criminal and not the second coming. Maybe he is the weak minded person he was talking about in the past. Buy the book to be entertained.

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