Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ghost Story (Dresden Files, No. 13) by Jim Butcher

Ghost Story (Dresden Files, No. 13)

Wow.... Jim Butcher has done it again.

We move from the Cliff-hanger of Changes, where Harry Dresden is shot & presumably killed at the last page of the book, to his spirit roaming the streets... Well, not quite roaming, after all, he has been told that three of his friends will die, if his killer is not found, and what is a Private Investigator / Ghost suppose to do about it? Well, solve his own murder...

But, Harry is practically defenseless since he seems to be unable to use his magic while being a ghost.... So, who can he turn to?

Like the previous Dresden books, Ghost Story promises a lot, and it delivers. It's a fast, but fun read, in it's own way. Once again, we can Dresden wise-cracking and generally being himself...

The series reminds me of a blend of The Rockford Files and Mike Hammer who happens to be a wizard and deals with world threatening baddies.
At it's core, is a basic good vs evil conflict and with dash of moral dilemmas added in for spice.

By now, you have probably heard that Changes & Ghost Story, shake up the Dresden series... And it's true, in Changes Harry crosses "the line", and does what no one else was able to do, and virtually ends the Red Vampire War. In Ghost Story, we learn what the consequences of his actions were, and what Harry did to try to prevent them.

I do admit, I had figured out who shot him, within the first couple of chapters, but I didn't know Who Killed Harry, until the end of the Book.

It is safe to say, that there will be more Dresden books in the future... Especially if Jim Butcher can continue to innovate like this...


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